Why ecommerce and mcommerce are important in the holiday season (Part 2)

Hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving and have had a great Thanksgiving meal (I know I did! :-)!

A few observations from this Thanksgiving (and from earlier in the week) when it comes to specific retailers and their sales/policies:

Best Buy: Had the iPad Mini 4 for $125 off (all versions- 16, 32, 64, 128 GB) from Monday through Wednesday, then had the IPad Air 2 for $125 off (all versions- 16, 32, 64, 128 GB) on Thanksgiving.  (Note that Best Buy had the iPad Air 2 for $75 off this past weekend).  Thus, they were the same price, yet, the iPad Mini 4 only sold out of all versions at that discount very early this morning (about 12 AM ET, with the 128 GB Gold being the last one to become either “Check Stores” or “Sold Out.”)

However, the iPad Air 2, only at a $125 discount since about 1 AM ET, has sold out in all versions.  Just before 5 PM ET, the 128GB Space Gray and the 32GB Space Gray were still available, but the 128GB version became “Check Stores” instead of “Add to Cart” about 5:15 PM ET, while the 32GB Space Gray just became that since the time I went to eat dinner in the 5-6 PM hour.

Thus, you can see how the iPad Air 2 at $224.99, $274.99, $324.99, and $374.99 sold out much quicker than the iPad Mini 4 at the respective same prices.  (Note that the Mini 4 128 GB version are back in stock at their usual price of $499.99; the 32 GB Silver version being available for $399.99 – its usual price – but only by “Checking Stores” – this seems to indicate that there was a certain allotment of iPad Mini 4s at the respective price of $374.99, being that I mentioned that the 128GB versions did all sell out by very early this morning.  Thus, it will be interesting to see what occurs the rest of this holiday season in terms of both when Best Buy has iPad Air 2s and Mini 4s at sale prices and if those sale prices are as low as $125 off the normal prices or only $75 off the normal prices).

Reportedly, Target had the 128GB Silver iPad Air 2 for something like $379.99 early this week, plus a 10% off TECH coupon code, but it was reportedly out.  The other colors in the 128GB version, plus the 32GB version in all three colors (Silver, Gold, Space Gray), were all there, able to use the 10% TECH coupon code, but not the 128GB version.

Then, as of Wednesday, the 10% code was gone.  As of Thanksgiving, all versions – including the missing 128GB silver version – were in stock at full price ($499.99 for the 128GB version), with NO coupon code whatsoever.

Thus, scarcity is being used to encourage purchasing right at that exact moment, a major key in digital marketing, ecommerce, and mcommerce.  It’s often difficult to convince a consumer to buy, especially without a salesperson there to answer his/her questions, but giving the scarcity of only so many items in stock at a specific price is often enough impetus for a consumer interested in such an item to purchase right then and there or to potentially miss his/her opportunity to get that item at the lowest price possible.

In an upcoming post- likely on Friday – a retailer that still charges an in-store pickup fee in 2016. Yes, unbelievable as that may sound, there is still at least one retailer that does.  I will mention who that is and why that is likely not helping business in an upcoming post.

Until my next post, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!



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